International Freight Network and International Logistics

OFN is an international freight forwarding network based on the four main principles: high quality standards – made in Germany, exceptional service levels in connection with upmost business security and trust in our world freight network member and global cargo network organisation.

We contribute with our international freight network service a working background and understanding with more than 30 years experience in global freight forwarding and 12 years in global freight networking. Worldwide member office locations, well organised and pre-scheduled 1-to-1 Meetings, our annual world freight network member gatherings in diverse locations as well as our vision and ideas will generate for every OFN member additional advantages and immediate short term returns in their time and capital investments in international logistics.





Connected all over the world

The main benefit of joining an individual and high potential global cargo and freight forwarding network such as ours is that OFN is an international logistics network that is focused on quality - "Made in Germany" is a worldwide known feature.

Through our member vetting service you can be re-assured that every OFN member is reliable and efficient in their organisation as well as financially sound. To name a few; our detailed screening process includes a complex company, financial analysis and quality assurance.

To ensure all business runs smoothly, we have established a mandatory networking policy, which also includes a special financial protection service in case of member bankruptcy.  >>> Financial Protection Fund

We strongly believe that a freight forwarding network and international logistics network should offer more than just presenting its member's a meeting platform. By joining OFN, you are joining a freight forwarder family that is interested in working together and benefits equally by developing and expanding business opportunities.

Our new members:

  • LogoRund lls
  • scanrapid rund
  • Logo Rund Shipair
  • palmlog Rund
  • China Transport Logistics Co., Lt
  • Logo Rund Proclo
  • lapton Rund
  • Thomas Logistics Rund
  • Target Rund
  • soyuztransflot Rund
  • SITCvn Rund
  • forum rund
  • Infinity Logistics & Transport
  • Total Transport Systems Ltd
  • LogoRund FM
  • Lion Shipping
  • LogoRund KML
  • LogoRund Ritra
  • gvw rund
  • Alwarda rund
  • Seaworld Rund
  • ConsignGlobal rund
  • gava rund
  • LogoRund Avalon
  • 2017 03 27 Zufall Rund
  • LogoRund Excess
  • SBS Group rund
  • ncs rund
  • venosa rund 2
  • Zomorrod rund
  • merz cargo rund
  • e way logix rund
  • radius logistics rund
  • cargodynamics rund
  • bluebellglobal rund
  • kitalogistics rund
  • regency rund
  • mycs rund
  • interfreight rund
  • convergent rund
  • kita rund
  • link rund
  • phoenix rund
  • cvi rund
  • malta rund
  • maina rund
  • proud sky rund
  • jasindo rund
  • alfro rund
  • sbs rund
  • consol rund
  • kmk rund
  • packair rund
  • aot rund
  • asap-rund
  • natco sa rund
  • sptt rund
  • sunbury logo rund
  • combi logistics rund
  • mft rund
  • e2e rund
  • parisi rund
  • dl rund
  • sealing rund
  • jemara rund
  • ralo rund
  • easyfreight rund
  • reimer rund
  • straco rund
  • radiant rund
  • tpg rund
  • dbc logo rund
  • aftrans rund
  • hli logo rund
  • aramis rund
  • heavy porters rund
  • bl rund
  • sitc-rund
  • Cargo Overseas LogoRund neu
  • cadvens rund
  • um logo rund
  • tk logo rund
  • VIT rund
  • natco rund
  • gava rund
  • soba rund
  • Daewon rund
  • sky union rund
  • brightway rund
  • c.oversea UK rund
  • eastrax rund
  • airsystem rund USA
  • sepra rund2
  • salco-rund
  • airsystem rund GER
  • atm rund
  • cpl
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