Octopus Freight Network



Octopus Freight Network offers the Financial Protection Fund (FPF) against bankruptcy for the benefits of the entire network with a total sum up to € 10,000.00 - for free * and available to all OFN members!

We expand the financial protection by guaranteeing a Financial Protection Fund (FPF) accessible to all members in the event of legal bankruptcy. This unique service refers not to an additional fee, which other network members usually have to pay. OFN trusts each of our approved members and we can offer confidently a financial protection to cover the entire case with members with a total sum up to € 20,000.00.

Subsequent to the OFN networks initial founding years we continue in developing and extending our unique protection scheme further to potential member's wishes and/or requirements.

  • Preliminary notice of claim must be submitted in writing as per indicated time frame.
  • If and when the bankruptcy claim is approved, OFN will terminate membership and notify all other members.
  • Immediate financial security for our network member through our OFN Financial Protection Fund, which is gradually increased and expanded with the participation of its members.
  • OFN handles the insurance-fee like a fund and will not take any profit out of this. The whole money will only be used for the mentioned claims.

* Each member´s office is required to pay the amount of € 500.00 per year for the upcoming five years. The amount of € 2,500.00 € (5 x € 500.00) is a temporary deposit payment and will be refunded when leaving the OFN network and when no claims have been made to the Protection Fund. All payments for the Protection Fund have to be made separate from the membership fee payments, as they are deposited on a different account designated for just these Protection Fund deposits.

The OFN Protection Fund is part of the OFN Terms & Conditions; published on www.octopusfreight.net (member log-in).