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  • Members of
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As of today, Octopus Freight Network have over 170 members from over 70 countries.

We contribute with our international freight network service a working background and understanding with more than 30 years of experience in global freight forwarding and 12 years in global freight networking. We have established a friendly working environment together with the highest level of service and networking performance. We are proud to say that the ability to react conforms entirely to our dynamic, flexible and reliable performance.


We take a close look at each potential international logistics member´s, financial background, the business, facilities and its ambitions to join OFN. We may request recommendations within our existing freight and logistic network for membership requests from unknown applicants, focusing on our member's needs. We guarantee to meet your expectations in customer service fully.


Should you need any assistance finding a freight agent for any destination - worldwide or if you need support on payment issues with members – the OFN-team is always ready to facilitate 24/7.


All our network member are vetted and assessed by our quality control department at regular intervals in order to comply with our world freight networking policy and good working practice. We even may remove a company from our member list in the event of non-policy compliance and/or payment delays to other members.

With OFN you choose a tailor-made and personalised partner who is always present and available for your questions, requests or concerns.


Our trust is based on solid knowledge and safeguarding, although should all but the impossible happen and a company face bankruptcy, we can offer a financial protection fund to cover our members in its entity with a total sum up to € 20,000.00.

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