Octopus Freight Network
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  • Octopus Freight Network

  • Octopus Freight Network

Who are we? – Who we are:

OFN is an international freight forwarding network
Connected all over the world.

We offer a network solution to connect reliable and trustworthy freight forwarders with other worldwide independently operated freight companies.

In the modern world, networking is the practice of linking two or more reputable worldwide independent forwarding partners together, for the purposes of business development, cross-border co-operation, sharing of information and experience.

Our network values such qualities as, service, trust and devotion to job requirements, which with our outstanding experience enables Octopus Freight Network to deliver:

Our main principles and benefits:

  • high quality standards – made in Germany
  • exceptional service levels
  • upmost business security incl. Financial Protection Fund
  • justified trust in our members
  • careful selection of members
  • many years of experience in global freight forwarding and networking

Our OFN network is built on a combination of knowledge, business development with expanding opportunities for its members and the possibility to meet and develop business alliances with other OFN-members.

We contribute with our international freight network service a working background and knowledge gained from more than 30 years of experience in global freight forwarding, with 12 of those years in global freight networking. We have established a friendly working environment together with the highest level of service and performance. We are proud to say that our ability to meet the highest performance levels is due to our dynamic, flexible and reliable service.

With regard to the daily business within our network and to ensure that members are working together for the mutual benefit of all, we monitor business transaction between our members continuously in regular intervals. In addition, our OFN management team monitors the members' long term outstanding invoices between members and, when necessary, send out payment reminders.

With OFN you are choosing a tailor-made and personalised partner who is always present and available to respond to your questions, requests or concerns.